Kardiel’s Mid Century Reproductions

Kardiel is your source for the best value in modern design pieces inspired by Iconic Mid Century Designers. We offer exacting reproductions in the style of last centuries brilliant furniture designers.

We may not always have the lowest price.

Kardiel sources its reproduction items directly from the factories specializing in Modern Classic Reproductions. We are the importer and distributor. We choose the materials and craftsmanship that go into our pieces of furniture. Why aren’t we able to provide the lowest price on a given reproduction style?

The Reason.

Prior to its inception a conscious choice was made at Kardiel as to what its purpose would serve should the company come to fruition. Our inspiration is not to become low price purveyors of inferior quality mid century furniture reproductions.

We pay more.

We pay more for higher grade materials like full grain aniline leathers from factories committed to practicing age old handcrafting traditions. People who want impeccable quality and a long lasting heirlooms do exist. Furniture with materials that will Patina gracefully over time versus wear out. Corners that have not been cut. We believe in that integrity and we run our business for these people.

The designs we aspire to reproduce are iconic. Reproductions of them deserve the best in material and craftsmanship. This is the essence of Kardiel. This is who we are.

Learn about quality features. Read The Leather Cover-up

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1105 Terminal Street, West Sacramento, CA
Kardiel is the source for the best value in modern design pieces inspired by Iconic Mid Century Designers. We source to exacting detail and sell clean, simple furniture and accessories representing designers, materials and centuries of brilliant concepts in furniture pieces. We import to and distribute our Classic Modern Reproductions to homes and businesses across the U.S and Canada. We will ship to other countries upon request. Much of our assortment of hand crafted Mid Century Designer items are contract quality and used not only in restaurants, hotels, schools and offices but in residential settings.
We use an independent customer review service called eKomi that is quite unique in Canada. The feedback customers provide is published on our website, unedited, for others to see. This process helps us improve, keeps us honest, and also has a huge impact on customer confidence for first-time purchasers.We are really proud that our current customer rating is 4.9 out of 5 based on 300 reviews and counting!