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Kardiel is shipping uninterrupted and on time to all U.S states and Canada.

Orders can be placed online or via phone 877.844.4988



If you’re looking to make your space a little more comfortable right now, we’ve got what you need to do that. The large majority of our designs are in stock and we deliver to your home or business. However, ‘Contactless Delivery’ is now our default delivery option.

Contactless Delivery means:

1. We’ll deliver your furniture to the front door of your home or apartment

2. We’ll knock/buzz, and greet you at your door while maintaining a six-foot social distance

3. Your signature won’t be required as proof of delivery



We have temporarily disabled all in-room shipping options to best ensure we can maintain social distancing during your delivery.

Special requests: If for any reason you require assistance bringing your order inside, give us a call and we will review options. Please note that there are some areas where we are unable to offer these services, in which case we are happy to hold your order until we are able to provide you inside delivery again.



Our main priority is protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers. In addition to implementing contactless delivery protocols, our delivery partners have implemented health and hygiene practices recommended by health authorities to ensure everyone stays safe.

Our drivers teams are equipped with key sanitary items, including latex gloves and sanitizing wipes. Work gloves will be worn by our team whenever boxes are handled.

Once the delivery is complete, the delivery team is required to practice good hygiene and use a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer or 60% alcohol sanitizing wipes (when soap and water are not available to wash their hands).

The warehouse staff and delivery teams have been instructed to stay home if they show signs of flu-like symptoms, and there are policies in place to offer paid sick leave to these employees.

We will continue to follow recommendations from public health organizations like the CDC & WHO to keep our employees, delivery teams and customers safe and healthy.