Stylish Furniture Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Stylish Furniture Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Many of us find ourselves wrestling with small square footage and, after having spent more time than usual at home, staring at those awkward spaces in various rooms has become somewhat of a hobby. While those in confined spaces might dream of lush, open floor plans, the reality of what we’re working with doesn’t have to be so maddening.

When styled with flair, quaint or oddly shaped rooms become enchanting. A room’s peculiarity can become its unique quality if furniture solutions, like multifunctional pieces and hidden storage, are utilized to make spaces both stylish and practical.

Whether you’re working with an under-the-stairs nook or hallway cranny, Kardiel is here to answer all your questions about how best to activate a space.

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Introduce [Hidden] Storage

Sideboards and media cabinets, with open display storage, create a wealth of possibilities in an awkward space, aiding even the most distressed decorator while renovating tricky rooms.

For those with odd hallways, sideboards with enclosed bottom shelves and open countertops maximize the use of available space and are aesthetically pleasing. Kardiel’s Dream 130" Entertainment Center 3pc is equipped with both cabinets and open shelving parts, offering tons of vertical space. Store away less frequently used items, such as board games or stationary, while using the shelving to display cherished memories in picture frames. And you won’t have to trip over your shoes every time you enter the house either.

Hidden storage is every budding interior designer’s best friend. Stash away winter rugs while peppering the sideboards or cabinets with household plants or artwork you bought on your honeymoon to add warmth and personality. What’s more, discreet holes in media cabinets help form perfectly disguised routes from plug sockets to electrical devices, making them the number one household charging station.

Dream 130" Entertainment Center 3pc

Select a Sectional Sofa

Too many single items of furniture that don’t match? Not enough space? Can’t figure out a focal point? A floating sectional sofa is the ultimate layout hack. It immediately transforms a room and establishes walkways that help direct traffic flow.

Sectional sofas are a tried and tested way for homeowners to get more out of the space available. Composed of multiple parts, sectional sofas allow for flexibility as individual sections can be arranged and rearranged as many times as the owner pleases – an indecisive person’s dream come true.

Kardiel’s sectional sofas come in a range of Left, Right, and U-shaped options, with sleeper beds and chaise styles also available. For those working with strangely shaped rooms, the Tobagon 121" Fabric Sofa with Angled Chaise can easily fill an awkward corner. With pet-friendly and stain-resistant fabric, this chaise is perfect for family homes that come with tricky layouts.

In long or narrow living rooms, sectional sofas can add the missing ingredient and solve a ton of conundrums: Where should the television go? Which way should the sofa face? L-shaped sofas, in particular, positively streamline a room and leave plenty of space to fit a group of friends over for dinner or little ones with their selection of toys.

Dwell Section in Blanc Boucle

Make Something Out of Nothing

An awkward space is better thought of as a site for possibility or to run your imagination. Stairs with larger spaces underneath, for instance, can be creatively constructed into laundry rooms, or even a walk-in wardrobe solution.

Using multiple wall shelves can help create vertical range specifically tailored to particular rooms. For example, those with chimneys and fireplaces can use individual items such as the Swell 39" Wall Shelf to enable new storage and display options. Alternatively, leaning shelves such as the sleek Ladder Wall Shelf series are available in multiple widths and configurations for a customized installation. The minimalist design of tilted ladder shelving provides a simple furniture solution for those looking to avoid the visual heaviness of a full bookshelf.

With some creative thinking and careful planning, an awkward space doesn’t have to weigh down a room. Think of sideboards, sectional sofas, and plenty of innovative shelving, and you’ll be well on your way. For those looking for stylish furniture solutions, Kardiel offers its ‘Styling a Space’ service to answer customer FAQs and help people’s homes reach their full potential. 

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