Accessibility Statement


Designed with beautiful clean lines, sleek legs and lots of storage ideal for discreetly placing things out of the way. A contemporary dresser with design roots in the 60’s that perfectly balances the practical concerns of storage space with opulence.

How much storage space do these bedroom dressers have?

"The inside drawer demensions are Inside Drawer Dimension Width 37.9"" x Depth 15.4"" x Height 9.2"""

What type of wood is this mid century bredroom dresser?

Our bedroom dresser is made with solid and veneer American Walnut hardwood

Do your contemporary dressers come assembled?

The bedroom dresser is shipped in one box and assembly time takes 10 minutes

Do these mid century dressers have a matching nightstand?

Yes our dream collection has a matching 17' bedside table

Do these modern dressers come with wall anchor straps?

Yes, our bedroom dressers come with wall anchor straps for tipping precautions.