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Sectional Sofas

Our modern sectional sofas are made to the highest standard, and designed to be used as often as they are admired. Combined with a limited lifetime warranty, our collection is guaranteed to be both reliable and breathtaking.

Is a sectional couch right for me?

Sectionals are great choice. They make smaller spaces more useable by increasing seating space with minimal footprint in the room. Check out our high quality sectional couches with modern look.

What's the difference between right-facing and left-facing sectionals?

As you face the sofa, a right-facing sofa will have the chaise extended part on the right. A left-facing will have the chaise extended part on the left.

What shapes do your sofa sectionals come in?

We offer 2 seat sofas, 3 seat sofas, chaise sectional sofas and L shaped sectionals for larger spaces.

What is a sectional sofa?

A sectional sofa combines 2 or more pieces to make a complete attached seating arrangement.

Should I choose a leather or fabric sectional?

Leather sofas are often twice the price. Budget and individual tastes are the determing factors

How should I arrange my modern sectional sofa?

Sectionals often work best when the chaise section faces the entertainment center of the living space.

What are the best sectional configurations?

The most common sectionals for small to medium spaces is the Chaise sectional. The best sectional for medium to large spaces is the L shaped sectional options.

Which side should chaise be on?

Many room layouts can use the chaise on either side. Measure the space you have to determine if your chaise section would be blocking any walkways.

Can I take my sectional apart?

Yes, often times the sectional pieces are used together and sometimes apart works best for the particular situation