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History of Interior Design Movements

Interior design movements have paved the way for an array of amazing angles, textures and colors for furniture, especially in the 20th and 21st centur...

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Decorating Small Spaces

How to Furnish a Small Living Space If the “tiny home” craze across TV screens and Instagram feeds has taught us anything, it’s that big design can happen in the smallest of living quarters. Whether you live in an actual tiny home or just a small apartment, here are some tips on decorating small spaces to help you create the home of […]

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What Is a Sideboard?

How to Decorate and Store With Sideboards You might be wondering what the heck a sideboard is, but more importantly, you should be asking what you can do with one when it comes to modern design. Okay, let's start with a brief (very brief) history: So, what is a sideboard? Originally, it was a literal board or shelf mounted to the wa […]

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What a Modular Sofa Can Do for Your Living Room

A modular sofa is sort of the shapeshifter of design when it comes to versatile, flexible living-room seating. Basically, you piece its parts—sofa, loveseat, chair, chaise, corner piece, ottoman—together in any configuration you like and change up the arrangement as desired. Unlike a sectional, which typically comes in the manufacturer’s des […]

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Your Guide to the Best Living Room Color Schemes

Your Guide to the Best Living Room Color Schemes by Lorna Hordos The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but the living room is sort of like the belly— it’s where we retire to digest a meal, share stories and laughter, listen to music, watch television and welcome guests, giving them a glimpse of our design intentions and pe […]

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