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Dining Chairs

Fabric wood and steel. Mid century and loft modern dining chairs come in a variety of finishes and styles. In many cases, extra dining chairs are often used as accent chairs. When entertaining these extras are often called upon to fill the otherwise vacant positions around the table.

How do I choose a dining chair?

The best dining chair for your space will be determined on your table and dining area. Generally since items will likely be consumed at the dining table, it is a good idea to stick with materials that are easy to wipe down and clean.

Should all dining room chairs match?

There is no rule stating that all dining chairs should match. Many designers have choses mismatched colors and styles at a dining area to add a little fun and imagination to the space.

How many people fit comfortably on the wood dining bench?

The average wood dining bench will fit 2-3 people for optimal comfort.

How do you measure for dining chairs? What size is right for me?

The key to figuring out the right size chair would be to check the dimensions of your table. Keep in mind that the average guest should have about 24"-26" of eating space.

Are low back dining chairs comfortable?

Comfort is a personal preference. Low back dining chairs are not uncomfortable per se but the length of time you plan on spending at the table may determine how high you want the chair backs to be.

How many mid-century dining chairs do I need?

The amount of mid-century dining chairs you need will be determined by the size of the table and the seating capacity of that table.

Is wood or fabric dining chairs better?

Both have their benefits. While fabric chairs are generally found be more comfortable, wood chairs tend to be easier for cleaning and wiping down.

Are these mid-century modern chairs for indoor and outdoor use?

Kardiel's mid-century modern dining chairs are intended for indoor use only.