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Leather Sofas

We pre-build our Leather Sofas so most ship in just 2 days. We also build them better. Supple Aniline leathers made with natural oils and waxes instead of paints and polymers. Comfortable safe foam that is fire retardant without adding chemicals. The quality assurance of a limited lifetime warranty on every sofa we make. We are changing the way modernists curate furniture. Order online or by phone, then take 365 days to decide whether it is the perfect sofa for you. 

What type of leather do you use on these mid century modern sofas & couches?

Kardiel sources leather for its sofas that uses a natural dying processes called Aniline dying with liquid dyes. We do not source leathers with color polymer paints. We use the top grain or top of the leather hide. The leather grade options will be either Semi Aniline dyed leather or Full Aniline dyed leather.

What is the difference between Semi Aniline and Full Aniline leather?

Both Kardiel's Full Aniline and Semi Aniline leather are the highest quality grade of cow leather. In most cases the origin of our leather and cows is Italy. Both our Full and Semi Aniline options are from the top layer of the hide. Our Full Aniline has all of the natural grain markings, including scars and stretch marks present. Our Semi Aniline leather options have a protective pigmented wax layer buffed into the surface to even out the overall color and conceal noticeable markings and scars. Full Aniline leather has more color variation from side to side and will patina (scuff up) faster than our Semi Aniline leather. Our Semi aniline leather may give you a couple extra second to wipe up spills as the wax treatment seals the surface some to moisture.

How do you select the leather for these modern sofas & couches?

We select the tanneries that do not use polymer or plastics in their leather dying process. This leaves us mostly with options in Italy, which is where most of our leather comes from.

Is it hard to take care leather sofas?

"Leather is considered an easy material to keep up. Use leather cleaners with a conditioner in them on our Top Grain aniline leathers. With our full grain leathers, use a separate leather cleaner and then apply a 'full grain' leather conditioner after the cleaning. This will help protect the hide from liquids, dirt and other physical effects."

I have dogs and cats at home. Should I get these modern leather sofas?

"Kardiel has a doggie friendly office so we got to see a lot of our items put to the test in person! Leather is an option that many people discount with animals but works very very well. It's durable, stain resistant, and will naturally age with time and use that we humans and pets will provide."

How to clean my mid century modern leather couches?

"To maintain the fabric materials, regular vacuuming to keep fibers clear of dirt is recommended. For small spills, spot treat with water or water soluble products that have been spot tested. For more difficult stains we recommend hiring professional cleaners."

I can't decide on which leather sofas & couches I should get. Can you help?

We want you to get the right leather sofas & couches for your space. If you can't decide on the leather materials, you can get our leather option samples. Samples can be ordered online or by calling us at 877.844.4988. Please learn the details on our FAQ page.