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Whether at a bar or island that separates the kitchen from the rest of the home, this space that separates the preparation area from the gathering area often becomes the hangout when entertaining. There is something festive about the preparation of food and drinks that lures people to this space. Carrying a modernist theme to the kitchen area can be as simple as introducing a set of tasteful iconic modern barstools. The practical functionality of barstools is not in question and can not be denied. How they interact with the rest of the decor is a direct result of the style you select.

How tall should bar stools be?

Stool height is determined by the height of the surface space. Certain stools are meant for a countertop height which is about a 34" to 36" tall surface while others are intended for a bar height which is about 40" to 42" in height.

Are bar stools higher than counter stools?

Yes bar stools are generally about 6" taller than a counter height stool.

Are backless wooden bar stools comfortable?

Comfort is a preference. Generally for longer sitting time a back is more comfortable. However the backless bar stools take up much less physical and visual space.

How much weight can these mid-century bar stools hold?

The average mid-century bar stool can hold about 300lbs.

What is the difference between a bar stool and counter stool?

Bar stools are about 6" taller than counter height stools to accommodate either a bar height or a counter height.

How to measure for bar stools?

Be sure to measure the seat height and width to ensure that your stools are the right fit for your space.

Do these mid-century modern bar stools come with floor protectors?

Kardiel's mid-century bar stools come with floor protection for most of their styles, those that do not are sanded smooth for floor protection.

Where else can you put bar stools?

Bar stools can be used at a bar height table or wherever your creative heard desires.

How do I choose a bar stool for my kitchen counter?

Be sure if you are needing a stool for a counter height area that the seat is around 24”– 27” in height.