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We've reproduced a specific selection of the icons of mid century modern cabinet designs. This curated collection of sideboards & credenzas are steeped in modernist history and utilized for a variety of storage functions in a broad range of rooms in the home. Updated to meet the flexible demands of modern low maintenance households yet holding true to the original modernist designs.

What do you store in a credenza?

People use credenzas for many different reasons. Commonly they are utilized for storing dishes and linens if used in a dining room. Others use credenzas as a media storage for their TV accessories or music accessories. Ultimately, they can be used to store whatever your heart desires.

What is the difference between a credenza and a sideboard?

Most often credenza and sideboards are used interchangeably. Traditionally sideboards had short or no legs and reached the floor where credenzas would be lifted off the ground with longer legs.

What is the purpose of a sideboard?

Sideboards originated in England and was used to set out food like a buffet. Overtime it has transformed to be a storage for linens and china among other household items. These days sideboard can function as a storage unit for just about anything.

Can I use a Credenza as a television stand?

Yes, credenzas can be used as a TV stand however due to the fact that they are not specified for this function in particular, you may need to drill out your own pass throughs for your electrical wires.

What material do the modern credenza and sideboard come in?

Most often credenzas and sideboards will come in either wood or a wood veneer. Metal can be utilized for the hardware and the legs. Glass is another material used for window doors.

What size credenza cabinet is right for me? How should I measure?

The intended space for your storage Credenza cabinet plays a large roll in your sizing choice. Keep in mind the depth, width and height when measuring for your new furniture piece.

Are these credenza storage drawers adjustable?

The Credenza storage drawers are not adjustable but many credenzas do have adjustable shelf heights.

Do the sideboard and credenza cabinets come assembled?

Kardiel sideboards and credenzas require very minimal assembly. The largest portion of the assembly will generally be attaching the legs or base to the main body and inserting the shelving. We ship most storage unites with the legs off to protect against damage during shipping. Feel free to contact Kardiel's service team to request an assembly guide if you would like more details prior to making your purchase.