Accessibility Statement


There comes a time to complete the look, always being aware of the fine line between minimalism and overdone.  A little planning goes a long way toward a perfectly balanced modern space. A practical approach to introducing contemporary modernism into your setting is through items you can actually use. Accessories such as ottomans, benches and wall shelves are practical ways to infuse whimsy and modernism into your space.

What are modern home decor accessories?

Modern home decor accessories are items that give character to a pallet. This can be a throw pillow for a pop of color or a small piece of furniture.

How do you decorate your modern home with accessories?

Modern home accessories can take a space from drab to fab. The same way jewelry can dress up a plain outfit.

How do you modernize a mid century home with accessories?

Mid-century pays homage to a minimalist decor, this does not mean you have to skip on the accessories. If your space is lacking color, a simple pop of color with a throw pillow will make all the difference.

What should I look for when purchasing accessories for my mid-century modern home?

When looking for accessories for mid-century modern homes, look for items that make you smile or that add needed function.

What should I look for when buying accessories for my furniture?

Color is an important factor for your accessories to go with your furniture. You want to choose items that will complement the larger scale items that you have.

What accessories are available for modern home decor?

Modern accessories can range from a simple throw pillow to a more permanent fixture such as a free floating shelf.

What are the most important household furniture accessories?

The most important thing to remember is to choose items that serve a purpose for you. If you need a place to set your cup of tea at the end of the day, then an appropriate sized side table next to your sofa would be very valuable.