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What is the standard office desk height?

The standard office desk height for an average height individual ranges from 28"-30"

What is a writing desk?

The term "Writing desk" was coined pre-electricity. Although all Kardiel desks can be used as computer desks as well, we like to pay homage to the original wood writing desk that are generally more stylish or antique looking.

what is a protractor desk?

The Kardiel Protractor desk gets its name from the sleek lines and asymmetrical angled legs making it a beautiful architecture masterpiece.

What is the difference between a writing desk and a computer desk?

Although these can be used interchangeably, Writing desks are generally considered to be more stylish or antique as they stem from a time before electricity existed.

Which type of modern office desk is right for me?

It is important to consider the amount of surface space you need on the desk for your belongings as well as how much space you have in the room it's intended for. If you are looking to store more items, search for a desk with larger drawer space to keep you "stuff" out of sight.

What are these mid century modern desks made of?

Our mid-century desk materials range per desk. If you search our online catalog you will find that they are mainly, wood, wood veneer, metal and/or glass.

Will a modern office desk fit in my space?

It is very important to measure your space prior to making your decision on the modern office desk that will work best for you. We recommend mapping out the area with masking or electrical tape so you can get a feel for the amount of space that will be needed. We never advise to overcrowd your space so be sure to leave a bit of breathing room!

Do these contemporary office desks come with storage space or drawers?

All of the Kardiel desks come with at least one drawer to store your office supplies.