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Dining Tables

A specifically curated and reproduced collection of the most sought after styles in modernist dining tables. Glass wood or fiberglass, the styles offered are unique with intention and meaning to the modernist movement. Whether mid century or loft modern, the following styles represent treasured works worth of the most discerning modern collections.

Which type of dining table is best?

The best dining table for you is the one that will work best in your intended space. Size matters! You want to keep in mind the amount of space you have available as well as how many people you would like to seat. Also keep in mind the dimension of the seating pieces and if you want them to fit under the table. If you have any specific dimension questions please feel free to reach out to our customer care team at

What should I look for when buying a dining room table?

Dimensions are going to be a key component in your quest for the perfect piece. Kardiel offers many beautiful pieces and make a point to have a selection with a variety of shapes and sizes of dining room tables.

What are the different types of dining tables I can choose from?

Kardiel offers dining tables in many types of materials and sizes. We have metal, wood, wood veneer, glass. We also carry round, rectangle and extendable styles.

Do modern dining room tables have to match buffet?

We have some beautiful buffet or credenza options. We keep our wood veneers to wither Walnut or Oak so you can stick with the same family if you are choosing some additional pieces to accompany your dining table.

What shape dining table is best for small areas?

If you have a smaller dining area, in most cases you would want to keep with a round table. The curved edges will allow for easier movement around the table.

Do modern glass dining tables scratch easily?

Our modern glass dining tables do not scratch easily and are simple to clean with any standard glass or window cleaner.

What size contemporary dining table do I need?

The size of your contemporary dining table that will be best for you depends on your space. Keep in mind the amount of people you want to seat and allow enough room to move freely around the table accounting for the chairs as well.

How does a modern extendable dining table work?

The best way to extend the tabe is to unhinge the lock mechanism and have two people pull the pieces apart simultaneously. There is a place to hold the additional leaves under the table when not extended for easy storage.

How many people can a modern round dining table seat?

For optimal comfort we recommend 4 people at a modern round dining table but extra seating can be added if needed for tables large than 36" in diameter.