Accessibility Statement

How to clean my mid century modern leather chair?

We recommend a good leather cleaner and conditioner to care for your top grain leather chair. When cleaning full grain leather, you'll want to use a soft microfiber cloth, warm water, and a mild hand soap. Dip the cloth in the soapy water and wring it out so it's only damp, not saturated. Gently rub it on the leather—be sure not to scrub! This should be sufficient to remove any dirt or oil stains.

What material do you use inside the leather chairs and ottomans?

We use a high quality foam in our modern leather chairs and ottomans to ensure comfort, durability, and sustainability. We are committed to providing you the best look and quality in all of our collections.

What type of leather do you use on your modern chairs?

The two types of leather we use on our modern chairs are either 100% Genuine Top Grain Premium Soft Aniline Leather or 100% Genuine Full Grain Leather. The type of leather used on a specific chair will be specified in the product description found on that product's page.

Will my leather accent chair come with floor protectors?

Yes, all our modern chairs have floor protection on the bottom of the legs.

I can't decide on which leather chair and ottoman I should get. Can you help?

We want you to get the right leather chairs and ottomans for your space. If you can't decide on the leather materials, you can get our leather option samples. Samples can be ordered online or by calling us at 877.844.4988. Please learn the details on our FAQ page.

Is it safe to have my leather lounge chair in direct sunlight?

Due to the nature of 100% genuine leather, it is subject to fade slowly over time. One crucial step to preventing fading and cracking is to, if possible, keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight. You can do all the right things to protect your modern sofa, but, if it's directly in front of a sunny window, it is only a matter of time before the heat takes its toll.

I have dogs and cats at home. Should I get these mid century leather chairs?

"Kardiel has a doggie friendly office so we got to see a lot of our items put to the test in person! Leather is an option that many people discount with animals but works very very well. It's durable, stain resistant, and will naturally age with time and use that we humans and pets will provide."