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Bookcases & Shelves

You may wonder if the modernist shelving unit itself on display or the items in the shelving unit? The answer can be both when you enhance your modernist design theme with this hand curated selection of period correct Bookcases and Shelving units.

Bookcases & Shelves

The weight limit to our book cases are specific to each item. If you need information regarding a specific prodcut we encourage you to email us!

What is the difference between a bookcase and bookshelf?

Although sometimes used interchangeably, a bookshelf usually has open or exposed shelves where a bookcase generally has doors that keep the contents hidden from view.

how should I style my mid century modern bookshelf?

Bookshelves are not necessarily used for just books. Picture frames, plants and other fun collectables are a wonderful way to accessorize the shelves.

what kind of material is the mid century modern bookshelf made of?

The body of the book shelves are made with MDF and have a beautiful wood veneer wraping which offer a natural wood grain. The bases of our shelves will either be made of solid wood or metal depending on the style you choose.

are these book display shelves adjustable?

Our current book shelves are fixed so they are not adjustable, we are always adding new products however so check back often to see what might be currently available. For specific product questions please email us!

do these open back bookshelves have to be placed against a wall?

We always recommed placing shelves against the wall for optimal safety.

Will this book display shelf be stable on carpeting?

Yes, our bookshelves have beautiful legs that work well on carpet!

Regarding the bookcase: What is the height within the cubes?

Each shelving style has their own unique dimensions. Due to popular demand, our Dream bookshelf now has cubbies that accomodate vinyl records!

Does these book display shelves have to be secured to the wall?

The shelves do not require wall fasteners however we do not discourage the extra saftey measures!