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American Walnut wood grains to tempered glass and stainless steel, easily create the perfect setting for a modern work space. Whether for use at home or at the office we've reproduced a specific and limited selection of the most coveted modernist desk designs ever created. 

Can I use these writing desks as a computer desk?

Absolutely! All of our desks can be used as a computer desk.

How much weight can these modern office desks hold?

Our desk specifications will differe per style but we generally recommed not exceeding 75 lbs for most.

Are these desks easy to assemble? I'm not good at doing assembly things.

The Protractor desk requires the most assembly of all the desks. We recommed having a buddy on hand to assist wtih putting that together, the total assembly time averages about 30 minutes for that one. If you would like to see an assembly guide before making a decision about a purchase, we encourage you to email us and we will send over a pdf for you!

What materials do these modern desks come in?

Kardiel desks have styles that come in either or real natural oak or real walnut veneer.

Are these modern wood desks waterproof?

Our desks are sealed for water resistancy. We recommend wiping up spills within a reasonable amoutn of time to keep them looking beautiful.

Do these modern writing desks require any maintenance ?

Kardiel desks are easy to maintain. Regular dusting and cleaning wtih a wood cleaner is recommended.

what is the standard desk height?

The average desk height is about 29"-30". We recommed sitting in your office chair and measuring what the correct ergonomic fit for you would be prior to making your purchase.

Are these desk storage drawers removable?

Yes! The desk drawers can be removed by pressing the small lever located inside each of the drawer glides simotaneously and pulling to release.

How much do these mid century modern desk weigh?

Weight will vary by style but our service team is more happy to assist for any specific style question for you.

Are these modern office desks and writing desks good on carpet?

Any of our desks will work great on carpet!