Accessibility Statement


They are small but make a big modernist statement. You have worked hard building your modern classic collections throughout your home. There comes a time to complete the look, always being aware of the fine line between minimalism and overdone. Many carefully accessorize their modern classic rooms one or two items at a time. Try using the measurement of an item, for example a clock and taping the space on the wall off. Would it be overdone? Can you afford the space on the wall? Chances are good that the wall space can handle that well placed clock. A little planning goes a long way toward a perfectly balanced modern space. Enjoy adding the finishing modern classic touches by accessorizing with Kardiel accessories selection.

What is an orb pillow?

An orb pillow is a round or circular pillow that is a perfect sphere.

How do you clean orb pillows?

Cleaning an orb pillow is best with a vacuum or spot treatment with a water soluble solution.

What size is a standard mid-century pillow?

A standard square mid-century pillow size is about 18"x 18". However, mid-century accessories do come in all shapes and sizes.

Can you wash orb pillows in the washing machine?

We do not recommend throwing your orb pillow in the wash. We recommend spot cleaning, dry cleaning or hand washing and air drying.

How often should you change your pillows?

Changing pillows are not necessary until you feel the need to change the mood in the room.

How do you organize decorative orb pillows?

Organization is not a necessity of your decrative orb pillows, they are fun and look fabulous in any arrangement.

What is the best fabric for pillows?

Generally a high performance fabric that is easy to clean is going to be a good choice for pillows. At Kardiel we love velvets and bouclé for our throw pillows.

What is the purpose of an orb pillow?

An orb pillow can add quick and unique character to a space with very little effort.