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Bar Cabinets

Shaken, not stirred. Reviving the distinct Modernist and avant-garde aesthetic of the 20th century, our limited bar selection consists of pieces crafted by weaving real wood with distinct patterns and colors of the 70’s era. Combined with a 5 year warranty, our collection is guaranteed to be both reliable and breathtakingly on point.

How much storage space do these bar cabinets have?

Our Urbane bar cabinets were designed for smaller spaces. They have enough storage for about 6 average sized bottles and plenty more room to house your favorite glassware.

what material are these mid century bar cabinets?

The Urbane bar cabinets are constructed with MDF as the base and wrapped in a real wood veneer which come with the option of either Walnut or Natural Oak.

Do these wooden bar cabinets come assembled?

The bar cabinets come mostly assembled. We ship the item with the legs off to avoid damage risk during it's journey to your home.

What can I store in my modern home bar cabinet?

The bar cabinets are intended to store liquor and glassware but ther is no reason you need to be limited to what you put in your cabinet.

Are these mid century modern bar cabinets water resistant?

The real wood veneer is sealed making it water resistant to hold agains spills and water soluble cleaners provided they are wiped away within a reasonable amount of time.

What is a Cellarette used for?

A Cellarette is a term for a small storage unit generally used for housing liquor and wine.

What are the dimensions for these bar cabinets?

The dimensions can be found on the listing of each item. The dimensions for our Urbane Bar cabinet are Width 35.4" x Depth 19.7" x Height 61"

how much weight can this mid century bar cabinet hold?

The weight limit for our products are specific to each item. The Urbane bar cabinet for example can hold up to 100 lbs.