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Dressed For Success: The Thanksgiving Table Edition

Making Thanksgiving stylish, safe and full of great food.

Like many events this year, Thanksgiving will probably look different from what we’re used to. But just because your Thanksgiving may be smaller or more spread out doesn’t mean it can’t still be an enjoyable holiday. It just means you have to be a bit more creative in your planning!

Keeping it Safe

For a more 2020-appropriate Thanksgiving, consider inviting fewer people to your gathering—this probably isn’t the year to invite every single extended relative you’ve ever known. Here are a few other ways to make your gathering safer:

  • Spread out seats and place settings so guests can social distance.
  • Have one or two people wearing masks and gloves serve everyone, instead of buffet style, for fewer germs on serveware and crowds of people around the food.
  • If your weather permits, consider an outdoor gathering!

Setting The Scene

But you invite guests, stuff the turkey or bake the pies, make sure your dining room is dressed for success. With the right mid century modern Thanksgiving tips, your furniture can look just as great as your food. If you’re planning on having a socially-distanced get-together, make sure you have a table with plenty of space. The Kardiel expandable Thrive dining table with a leaf would do the job nicely. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have weather suited for an outdoor gathering, have furniture that will be durable enough to deal with the elements. The Acapulco chair and table set blends practicality and style perfectly!

When it comes to picking the perfect dining room chairs, ensure that your seating options are comfortable enough for an hours-long gathering—after all, this isn’t a fast-paced weeknight dinner. It’s important that your chairs have a back and some kind of cushion, like the Kardiel Oslo dining chairs. Or for a more luxurious option, check out the Berki dining chairs.

Tabletop Ideas

After you have the basic elements of your holiday gathering, it’s time to add some flair. Tableware is a great way to personalize your mid century modern Thanksgiving gathering without it feeling too kitschy. For a subtle retro style, use vintage flatware and serveware. Some classic Mid Century brands and designs include Pyrex, Fiesta, Metlox, Russel Wright and Eva Zeisel. You can often find vintage pieces from these companies at flea markets or antiques stores.

Once you’ve built up your Mid Mod tableware collection, store it in a cabinet equally as stylish. The Kardiel Georgie sideboard will bring a subtle retro touch to any dining room, while the Urbane cabinet is an easy way to bring in a pop of color. And they’ll both look even better with your Thanksgiving feast atop them!

Planning A Menu

The table has been selected and set and now it’s finally time for one of the most important parts of any Thanksgiving celebration—the food! Here are some tips for creating a tasty menu this year:

  • Sharing a meal with vegetarians or vegans? Instead of one large turkey for everyone, have two smaller mains, such as a 5 pound turkey and a stuffed squash.
  • Avoid repeating ingredients—instead, embrace variety! Rather than having sweet potato pie and casserole, switch one out for something that’s a bit different (and less starchy).
  • For more experienced home cooks, pick a dish that challenges you to turn up the heat on your kitchen skills. For less experienced home cooks, Thanksgiving is not the day to attempt an extravagant flambé. Stick to simple and easy classics like mashed potatoes, casseroles and pumpkin pie, and you’ll be fine!

From all of us here at Kardiel, have a happy Thanksgiving!