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Kardiel Essentials You Need for Your Living Space

When you move into a new house, or simply decide to get serious about the functionality and look of your living space, you’ll need some foundational furniture pieces that will act as the base of the room where you relax and invite company. Even if you’re renting, investing in high-quality furniture will pay off in the long run, since you can move furniture with you. Luckily, we know the Kardiel essentials you need to make your living space both practical and beautiful. Here are the most important pieces you’ll need.


Start with the biggest piece, which in most living spaces will be the sofa. Before you shop for colors and materials, think about how many people need to be able to sit in the room. Do you have a large family, or it just you and your SO? For a large family or a home where you entertain often, consider a sectional that will seat more people.

Got pets? If so, make sure the material is kid- and pet-proof, like leather or another sturdy performance fabric. If you don’t have any small creatures that might ruin a more delicate material, you can choose a light-colored velvet. Of course, with our Kardiel essentials, you have many different fabric options to go with each sofa choice.


Alongside your sofa, you’ll want individual arm chairs. Why? Because you want to create a conversation area in your living space where you can face the others in the room as you hang out. Choose a pair of armchairs that will complement or match your sofa, so the look in the room is cohesive. You can even choose upholstery for your armchairs that will match your sofa.

As you shop our Kardiel essentials, think about how much room you have. For your additional seating, chairs with arms will take up more room, or you can go with armless chairs, which will conserve space.

Coffee or Side Table

Around the room, you’ll need small tables to place drinks, appetizers, the remote control and anything else you want handy. You can do this in one of two ways: Either choose a single coffee table for the middle of the seating area, or use small side and end tables next to the sofa and chairs where individuals can set their drinks. If you go this route, include an ottoman in the middle of the seating area so it doesn’t look empty. The ottoman can double up as a coffee table if necessary.