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Mid Century Modern Fall Style For Your Home

Three steps to elegant modernist seasonal style

Now that October is here, it’s time to give your home some seasonal style. But we’re not talking about Jack-O-Lanterns or bales of hay—there’s a time and place for that type of decor, but not in your modernist home! Instead, we’re talking about grown-up autumn decor that makes your space feel warm and welcoming without losing its Mid Mod roots. Keep reading to find out the three steps for getting Mid Century Modern fall style.

Step One: Fall Foundations

Before you give your home any sudden seasonal changes, it’s important to make sure you have a good baseline space to begin within. Is the furniture you have durable enough to last more than a few seasons? Is it stylish enough that its looks (or lack thereof) won’t be a distraction? And is it ‘you’ enough that you’ll love it no matter what time of the year it is?

If you’re coming up empty to these questions, don’t worry—here are a few of our favorite picks that will stand the test of time and style. This leather sectional with walnut accents is a comfortable and stylish addition to any space, which you can jazz up with fall colors this month. For a storage solution, try this oak and rattan sideboard to hold whatever you need (and your seasonal fall decor). And for dinner, remote work and virtual learning, this extendable table and bench set can do it all! 

Step Two: Seasonal Color

The next step to creating that autumn feel in your space has everything to do with color. Color plays a pivotal role in the mood and tone of a room, so it’s important that a seasonal space reflects seasonal color. For fall, that means sticking to warm and inviting tones like mustard yellow, burnt orange and burgundy. But that doesn’t mean cool colors are off limits— emerald green is this fall’s trendiest shade.

Don’t know where to start? Try out a mustard yellow side chair to give your living room a vintage fall twist. Or place a burnt orange bench at the end of your bed to bring seasonal shades into the bedroom. For something a little more subtle and easy to change out, place throw blankets and pillows covered in warm or jewel tones across a sofa or ottoman for an understated Mid Century Modern fall style look. Just don’t forget to store them in a nearby cabinet when they’re not in use.

Step Three: Finishing Touches

Your seasonally-inspired space needs a few more touches. Not only is it helpful to use small accent pieces to make a room feel more lived-in and personalized, but accent pieces can also convey subtle seasonal vibes. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do that:

  1. Use fall florals (like an allium or hops stem) in a modern vase. This will bring in a warm, seasonal feeling that’s more sleek and design-worthy than a pile of miniature pumpkins. Finish off the look by placing the arrangement on one of your foundation pieces, like this coffee table.
  2. Hand-woven or artisanal baskets are a wonderful way to provide storage in or on larger pieces, like this bookshelf. They provide interesting texture and earthy tones, perfect for fall!
  3. Minimalist and neutral prints that use warm tones are another great way to bring in seasonal style in a subtle way. Frame them in light wood, like oak or pine, to add to the toned-down atmosphere. Then place the art above a statement furniture piece (like this jaw-dropping sofa) to finish the look.

Mid Century Modern fall style has never been easier! Check out Kardiel for more beautiful, Mid Mod foundation pieces. From velvet adorned sofas to carefully crafted beds, Kardiel has the stylish and well-made furniture you’ve been looking for.