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Modernist Bohemian Style: Get the Look

Mid Century Modern and Bohemian home styles pair well together, especially since the origins of both styles were in the 1950s and ‘60s. At Kardiel, we love the variations in modernist style you can bring to your home. So here are our five favorite Kardiel picks for Modernist Bohemian style.

Yasmin Fabric Sofa

The Yasmin sofa has it all: soft texture in the upholstery fabric, a sleek design that will bring mid mod sophistication to your living room, and subtle curves that speak to bohemian culture. This sofa comes in several different fabric choices, so you can match it to the color scheme in your home. Bohemian style is all about texture—from soft and silky sheer curtains to the scratchy texture of jute rugs—so this Modernist Bohemian sofa will add just the right amount of velvet to your room.

Mosaic Fabric Ottoman

This ottoman has a lot of bohemian vibes. This design is based on the classic Moroccan pouf, which has caught the fancy of many bohemian enthusiasts because of its geometric and global nature. Pair our Mosaic ottoman with the Yasmin sofa for an eclectic sophistication-meets-comfort Modernist Bohemian look.

Color Theory Sideboard

One of the staples of both mid century and bohemian styles is color. As modernist enthusiasts, we love the bright blues, oranges, yellows and that olive green that’s such a 1960s classic. Our Color Theory sideboard has a blue ombre effect, which is a popular trend in bohemian style. It’s the perfect Modernist Bohemian pairing.

Morpheus King Bed

In the bedroom, mix things up a bit with our fun Morpheus king-sized bed. Teak is a bohemian classic, and recalls mid century tiki vibes as well. Whether you want to go with a bold bohemian geometric floor rug or hang a 1950s-inspired painting above the bed frame, this wood bed is a great Modernist Bohemian choice.

Smiley Coffee Table

This coffee table has a lot of Mid Century Modern class. Yet it’s asymmetrical, which also speaks to the easy-going and low-key vibe of the bohemian lifestyle. Wood finishes are classic, and we have both a walnut and natural oak option for you to choose from, so you can match the piece with the rest of the furniture you decide to bring into the room.