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Relaxing Retro Bedroom Essentials

Any good bedroom design will be both functional and relaxing. It should be a place you come to take a deep breath after a long day. Here are Kardiel, we have furniture that will not only create a relaxing vibe, but help you get that retro bedroom look you love! Here are some of the essentials you’ll need.

Bed Basics

Your retro bedroom design should start with the bed. No matter the size of the room, make sure you place the bed so you have room to walk around it—at least two feet on either side. The best placement will also let you face the bed as you walk into the room, rather than having the headboard on the same wall as the door. After all, it’s the feature piece of the room. Especially if you choose a Kardiel bed like our Starke walnut frame, you’ll want it to be visible from the door.

Nightstand Necessities

Next to the bed on either side should be matching nightstands, such as our Dream Bedside Table. Before ordering nightstands, make sure they’ll fit on either side of the bed. You also want to make sure they match so you have symmetry for your retro bedroom. For a smaller bedroom with twin beds (a children’s room, for example), you can get away with just one nightstand.

Seating Assignments

If you have room at the end of the bed, a bench is a great addition to the retro bedroom look, especially with our Fritz fabric bench. If you don’t want the bed to become the primary place where you sit to put on clothes or shoes, having either a chair or bench will help the functionality of the room as well.

Dressed to Impress

The last key essential for your retro bedroom is a dresser, like our Dream cabinet. Dressers and wardrobes can be tricky to place if the room is small, so focus on getting a piece that will fit in your space without taking away all your walking aisles. One trick is to find a tall, skinny cabinet so you leave more floor space open. But if you have a larger room, you can go with a low dresser that will leave you space on top for trinkets, decor and jewelry.