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The Perfect Modern Fall Colors For Your Home

These seasonal shades are the autumnal accent your home needs!

Nights are getting longer, days are getting cooler—fall is on the way! And with the advent of fall comes warm, inviting colors that are ready to find a place in your home. A carefully placed jewel-toned armchair can make your whole space feel perfectly cozy and ready for the changing days ahead. Here’s a few of our favorite modern fall color picks to get you started.

Mustard Yellow

Subtle and retro, this color matches the vibrant fall color outside your door and is the perfect addition to a space where there’s already a lot going on visually. Try out a mustard yellow side chair in an empty corner and give your space a vintage, autumnal twist!


Whimsical and welcoming, this rich hue is the ideal statement color for bigger items in your home, like your sofa. Pair it with some carefully-chosen throw pillows and some understated lighting for a luxurious lounge you’ll never want to leave.

Burnt Orange

Bold but not too bright, there’s almost certainly a space for this seasonal shade in your home! Try including it somewhere you wouldn’t think to include fall color, like your bedroom. A bench at the end of your bed is the perfect way to bring in this modern fall color.


Understated and rustic, this nature-inspired tone is an easy way to implement the Mid Century Modern idea of bringing the outside in! Thanks to its neutral coloring, this shade will fit in just about anywhere. It’s perfect for rooms with lots of color, like a nursery—try out this rocker for an easy way to bring in some grown-up fall style.

And don’t forget to bring in some warm and inviting texture too! Velvet is always a great choice—check out Kardiel’s new Matte Velvet collection to start.