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What You Need for a Mid Century Dining Room

The dining room is an important space in any home, so it’s important to get the style right. Whether you use the same table for everyday eating and entertaining, or have two separate rooms you use, you can create a mid century dining room experience for your family and guests that feels both chic and comfortable! Here are our suggestions for the elements to add to your mid century dining room.

Dining Table

First, of course, is the dining table. This should be the focal point of your dining room, in both style and functionality. For a mid century dining room, choose a table that has sleek lines and visible wood grain, such as our Kilm Dining Table. If you entertain larger parties, you might want a table that can expand to seat more people, such as our Smiley Extendable Dining Table.

Pro Tip: Make sure there’s room to walk around all sides of your dining table. This will give you functional space when you’re setting your table and serving food, and for your guests to feel comfortable with enough space to pull back their chairs.

Dining Chairs

Pair your table with dining chairs that will match in both style and hue. For example, if you chose a dining table with dark walnut stain, our Manta Dining Chairs would be a good option, because they have the same dark walnut hue with simple, clean lines. Another option is to prioritize comfort with upholstered chairs, such as our Boomer velvet chairs or our Berki upholstered chairs. You could even choose a combination of the two, with upholstered chairs on the ends of the table and sleek wood chairs for the long sides of the table.


The final essential you need for your mid century dining room is a sideboard or credenza. This piece of furniture will serve two purposes. It will provide storage space for your serveware and dishware, which makes setting the table easy. It will also provide a flat surface for serving food buffet-style, or holding extra dishes so guests can get up for seconds. Try a sleek and classic style like our Urbane Cabinet, or get fun and funky with our Color Theory Sideboard.