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Which Velvet Is Best For You?

Comparing cotton and polyester velvet so you can choose the best furniture for your home.

When it comes to picking out the right textiles for your furniture, it’s important to consider durability, comfort and looks. Even the most beautiful and long-lasting fabric is no good if it’s uncomfortable. And these guidelines apply when you’re looking at different types of the same textile, too—like velvet! Velvet can either be cotton or polyester based, and both types have unique features and characteristics.

Cotton Velvet

Soft and classic, this timeless textile gives practically anything it adorns an elegant look. It typically has a low-luster, matte look and is low-pile (meaning low-height). Its cotton make-up means that it drapes well to whatever piece of furniture it’s covering, and there will be minimal color changes throughout the textile. Check out this refined and sleek chair (that was spotted on The Voice!) for a seating option with cotton velvet style.

Cotton Velvet Tips

  • Use a velvet brush to keep your cotton velvet well-maintained. Brush in the direction of the nap (the direction the fibers lay).
  • Cotton velvet can be particularly susceptible to crush marks. To prevent this, plump cushions regularly and don’t leave anything hard on it for an extended period of time.

Polyester Velvet

You can get the lovely look of cotton velvet without the fussiness through polyester velvet—the synthetic fibers in this velvet make it more durable and ready for whatever life throws at it. It’s stain-resistant too! Polyester velvet can get a bad rap for being too high-sheen and not as rich as cotton velvet, but Kardiel’s new matte velvet combines the two for an elegant, long-lasting look. Take a look at this modular sofa for a bold look that will stick around.

Polyester Velvet Tips

  • Though polyester velvet is more crush-proof than its cotton cousin, crush marks can still happen. If they do, brush the crushed area gently in the direction of the nap with a velvet brush.
  • Rotate your polyester velvet cushions regularly to prevent wrinkles where the cushions rest on each other.