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How to Add Personality to a Minimalist Space

Has the age of minimalistic, all-white interiors outlived itself? After being homebound for a year, it does seem that maximalism has taken over, allowing people to express their individuality through decorative and personal interiors.

However, a streamlined, clutter-free space can feel light and refreshing without slipping into showroom vibes and lacking personality. You can still incorporate your collectibles from your travels without them being overbearing; you just need to make sure every item is carefully curated.

Here’s a run-down of how to create a serene minimalist space that reflects your character and oozes individuality.

Let Your Passions Guide You

Create a cohesive flow in your home by picking and choosing items strategically. Do you have an interest in art or travel, a penchant for a certain color scheme, or are you obsessed with books or... Anime? Envision a theme and let it take a prominent place in your home.

If you love the outdoors and nature, incorporate flowerpots laden with drooping ivy or handcrafted macrame plant hangers. If you are a pop art or cubism enthusiast, the bigger the artwork, the better. The art should align with your house’s color palette so that it expertly blends to maintain a warm and welcoming interior.

Another recipe for success is to place small, tasteful souvenirs or dainty objects beside weightier, heavier ones, like a large side table or velvet sofa. You could also mix the old and the new; mid-century modern design is very popular, and researching how items coexist in design history will help you tie pieces together.

Alternatively, choose one item to stand out such as a velvet turquoise, vintage chair from a flea market, or a handmade carpet from an indigenous tribe in Mexico. Let these objects tell their own story – they have far more personality than buying something from Ikea. Never underestimate the impact that one piece of furniture can have.

(Cloud Sofa in Danube VelvetAnders and Leon chair, Spool ottoman)

Fabrics, Textures, and Shapes

If all your furniture is slim and lightweight and there’s hardly an accessory in sight, that yields interiors that can be stark and overly clinical. Invite a layering of textures to come and play; leathers, wool, velvets, woods, and metals. With Kardiel’s polished stainless steel and heavy velvet bench, you get two textures for the price of one.

Try contrasting glass, concrete, metallic elements, and marble surfaces with the warmth of natural timber, rustic rattan, or cane. A range of elements add variety and interest without ruining the minimalist look. For example, a simple gray sofa with light wooden legs could be paired with a modern ottoman floor cushion and a large geometric design.

Kardiel’s morpheus king bed is ideal for creating more depth in the bedroom. The bed becomes the focal point, and you can build the room’s aesthetic from there; a woven rug, plush bedding, curved side tables, and fluffy blankets. Adding accessories like mirrors, candles, picture frames, flowers and vases, and velvet and boucle pillows provide variety while preserving balance.

(Izzah Fabric Sofa in Blanc Boucle)

Bold, Bright Colors

Just using white paint, neutral-toned furniture, and white shades can feel cold, bland, and sterile. But rather than adding interest to the home by piling decorations onto every surface, the minimalist interior creates dramatic effects with contrast. For example, repeat a bold color accent throughout the space.

In a monochromatic room, think about incorporating a single, bright color. For example, in a room with different shades of gray, add a bright colored element like Kardiel’s glimmer velvet swivel chair. A simple plain white sideboard could also assume a new identity with an arrangement of colorful objects displayed on top.

Minimalist spaces are often misunderstood for being devoid of personality, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Be brave and follow your gut feelings; place a meaningful piece of artwork on your plain walls, add some layers of different textures, and utilize pops of color to ensure that your space reflects who you are.

( Oscar Sofa in LeatherTubby Swivel Chairand Dot Ottoman in Large and Small)

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