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How to Create a Livable Outdoor Room

During the warmer months, we want to take advantage of the sunshine and be outdoors. An easy way to do that is to create your own outdoor room—a space in your backyard, on your patio or even the front porch that you’ll use as a living space while you hang out in the sunshine. But what if your outdoor space isn’t actually someplace you want to spend time? Here’s how to fix it.

Pick the Right Furniture

The first step is to pick the right furniture for your outdoor room—furniture that will be attractive enough to lure you out from inside. Kardiel has some fun outdoor pieces, including the brightly-colored Acapulco chair series, as well as the Aegean furniture set and Curbed sofa.

Treat your outdoor room like any other space in your home. That means making sure that you have a good layout with seating in conversation circles, with side tables or coffee tables to set down drinks and snacks.

Do a Spring Cleaning

Once you have the right furniture, one of the other top deterrents for heading outside is not having a clean outdoor room. Have you ever walked outside to sit down, only to find that a spider has created a web in between the arms of your chair, or the cushion is covered with a fine layer of dust?

Make sure you do a thorough spring clean to remove all traces of dust, dirt and insects from over the winter. Wipe down all your furniture, wash any cushions that have been outside, and sweep the patio. You may need to make this part of your usual cleaning routine—that way, any time you want to come outside and enjoy your outdoor furniture, your outdoor room will be ready for you.

Store Cushions Inside

If you have outdoor furniture with cushions or throw pillows, such as the curbed sofa, store the cushions in a protected area so you get the most use out of them. This can be inside in a cupboard, or even in the garage in a trash bag. Either way, you want to keep the cushions in an area that will allow them to have a longer lifespan than they would have if they stayed outside all the time. That way, your outdoor room will be clean, fresh and comfortable for you whenever you want to use it.